Corona Virus

Being in lock down for youth workers and young people has throw up some major challenges to continue the work that we do. Particularly because youth work is a face to face, and working with the young people both one to one and through group work is inherent in what we do.

Even though it is difficult for us all, the challenge we face is not insurmountable. The approach we are taking is to work both online through the use of social media and through the telephone.  Keeping in touch and offering support is vitally important at this time, as is providing them with the most up to date information on this virus. Reaffirming to them our commitment  and showing them that we haven't gone away and are still here for them.

We are also providing young people with activities to do at home and coming up with innovative solutions to work with them. One of those solutions was to work through PlayStation. Using play station as a tool is useful as we can chat online while we are playing video games.