Eric Caffrey - Project leader 

Eric has worked at  Core firstly as a community youth worker for 15 years  and then took over as manager 2 years ago. Since then he has been working hard to overhaul and develop the service to better respond to the young people and changes in the community.  

Bernie Spierin - Accounts Manager 
Bernie is the heart of the project. She makes everything happen behind the scenes. We'd be lost without her. There's nothing she wont do for the staff and young people. 
Carol Byrne - Community Youth Worker 
Carol has worked in St Micheal's estate since 2004, she originates from Tipperary but has worked in Dublin so long the young people call her a dub. Her passion is young women's issues, arts and supporting young people through school. She is also the lead worker in developing our new arts programme.
Lizzy Stringer - Community Youth Worker
Lizzy has been with us 2 years. She started out in youth work as a young person herself in an inner city youth project, and then became a youth worker. She then moved to the school completion programme and a short time at youth justice in the inner city. However, even though she enjoyed her time in SCP h
er heart and soul is in youth work so she came back to project based youth work. The knowledge and experience she has brought with her has been invaluable in our efforts to keep kids at school and in our outreach work.

Breda Murphy - Community Youth Worker
Breda has been with Core for over 10 years and has a passion for working with young mothers and supporting young woman through difficult periods in their lives. She has experienced massive changes in the community and seen many young people grow and thrive. Breda  also manages our main stream work and is available to support small clubs to get established. 

Thomas Mc Carthy - Community Youth Worker

Thomas is the newest member of the staff team. He came to us in April 2016 after spending many years working in the north inner city.  He brings with him a passion for outdoor pursuits, biking, bike mechanics and skills work. He also is very committed to working outreach and detached. He leads our drug intervention work, and supports young people who are getting into serious difficulties.