Core Youth service - formerly St. Michael’s Parish Youth Project is an independent community-based youth service set up in 1986. We provide non formal education, individual and group support. plus a range of indoor and outdoor activities to support young people from Inchicore to grow and develop to their full potential.  


"The project has a Vision of a well resourced community youth service which supports the young people of Inchicore"


Core Youth service is an independent community-based youth service. Its mission is to support and assist young people to achieve their full potential through;

  • Developing relationships with young people based on mutual respect 
  • Offering a friendly place where young people can learn and grow in an atmosphere that is enjoyable, encouraging and challenging
  • Offering a non-formal and relationship-based developmental and educational process
  • Contributing with others, including young people, to the creation of conditions that allow young people actively participate in decision making in areas that affect their lives
  • Intervening when appropriate in partnership to structures that are challenging for the young people


Our area includes St. Michael’s Estate and Tyrone Place flats complexes, Emmet Crescent and the housing estates of Bulfin, Myra Close, Emmet Road and Turvey Avenue as well as the Oblates area of Inchicore.

From its inception the project has striven to include young people most at risk from Inchicore and surrounding areas. Many young people attending the project face difficulties in reaching their full potential trough a range of circumstances mainly based in generational multi disadvantages.  

The project employs a total of seven workers. Two community youth workers, one skills based co-coordinator, one community drugs worker, one youth service support worker, an administrator and a project manager. 

Youth service support worker provides support to developing clubs and volunteers in the area related to young people.

The youth Service takes a community development approach to its work in order to better advocate for services and facilities for young people in Inchicore. Therefore collaborating with other community and other services and where appropriate challenge structures that discriminate or do not provide the appropriate service they are meant too.  


Street Work  - being visible in the community and approachable by young people and parents, targeting disengaged young people, Re-engagement of young people who have dropped out, street activities with young people including street sports, setting up referral for young people who are in need of added support the youth project cant provide, detached work with chaotic young people 

One to one support - supporting young people outside of the group process. specific school support, housing and homelessness, counselling, job search, CV preparation, advocating on their behalf where appropriate and in some case accompanying them to appointment's.

Outdoor activities - providing young people the opportunity to experience the natural environment through hiking, mountain biking Kayaking, camping,  among other outdoor pursuits. The overarching aim of the outdoor programme  is to provide young people  opportunities that divert them from hanging around the local flat blocks where they may be getting into difficulties. 

Educational groups - The service runs a range of educational groups using a non formal approach, some in partnership with local schools and other community groups. 

Skills Programme
The skills programme is based on the premise that young people have multiple intelligence, for example some being not academic but mechanically gifted. Therefore mechanical and problem solving opportunities could support young people to still get worthwhile employment outside of academia.  
The programme also aims to use mechanics and woodworking as a tool to develop relationships and support young people informally through direct conversations about issues as they arrive. 

To give young people a voice through creative processes involved in the arts. To raise of global issues starting in the local context.  To enable young people to develop a piece of work from start to finish which helps develop self esteem and confidence. To encourage young people to have fun while being creative

Developmental and Issue Based Groups
We run topical and issue based  developmental groups with young people and young parents with a range of topics. The aim is to address areas of life that young people may struggle or need further information which will help make informed decisions and judgement.  We explore the negative and positive consequence of these topics for young people. We use a range of approaches including arts, games, workshops,  visits among others.